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A photogram is a camera-less photo of the shadow of an object.

Featuring selected photograms and contact prints of photograms, which take the exact opposite light structure.

Light makes the photographic paper black.



shadow of cube, blossom and water photograms

SURFACE exhibition at JGM Gallery, London, 2018




water photograms

UCA Canterbury darkroom, 2011

Dover darkroom, 2014 – 2017





still life: Cecilia in the bath

photogram mounted on wood structure (1640 x 720 x 120mm), perspex, plinth
MA exhibition, UCA 2012

UCA Canterbury darkroom, 2012

In this piece, 14 sheets of light-sensitive paper were taped together and in the dark, placed under a 10 week old baby in a bath; the shadow was recorded by a flash of light.

The photogram was mounted in a sculptural way so to imply a tablet/memorial stone.                       The nature of stopping time in photography/-gramy has been one subject of investigation during the MA course.

The notion of dualism between life and death was being explored in the piece; the Taoist/ Zen Buddhist concept of non-dual entity is the philosophical aim of the work…

The paintings seen in the documentation are by contemporary artist Cheng Chu Weng.





objects to refract and reflect the light and the mind

obscura, 1999 (at GSA), glass 1, 2012 (UCA), match strike, 2012 (UCA) and bright idea, 2013 (Dover)





solstice flora and water series

made in the Dover Darkroom, courtesy of Joanna Jones

Summer solstice 2013





drawing with light and objects & alignments to summer solstice angle of sun

Dover Darkroom, summer 2013






Images manipulated digitally and printed large

spring 2015





Selection of photograms from LIGHT & DARK | NATURE & PLACE

The Wealden Literary Festival, Kent
Art residency and solo art exhibition June 2016

Dover Darkroom, spring/ summer 2016