back to artwork constructed artworks, 2000 - 2018




Ghost, 2001, two panels, one burnt black, the other sprayed white with Cellulose paint, Glasgow



Golden sea, 2004, gold leaf and lacquer on wood, Wiltshire



Mountain Stream, 2004 – 2014, gold leaf, oil and varnish on inlaid wood, Wiltshire and Kent



Golden flow, 2004, gold leaf, oil paint and varnish on wood, Wiltshire



Balance (between heaven and hell), 2004, Gold leaf and black lacquer on inlaid wood, Wiltshire, area of black equals area of gold



Memory of the Dark, 2004, Gold leaf, enamel paint, oil and varnish on inlaid wood, Wiltshire



Balance (between Heaven and Earth), 2010 Moon gold leaf, oil and varnish on inlaid wood, Kent



Trinity, 2010, Gold leaf, burnt wood and lacquered wood inlaid, Kent



Roar/raw, 2010, Gold leaf and big lump of burnt tree, inlaid into wedge shaped structure, Kent



Gold Cubes no. 1 – 6, 2018

Gold leaf 21.8ct (Moon gold) and 22ct (Latin), gesso, reclaimed plywood or MDF, varying sizes from 14.5cm³ to 24.6cms³, Kent

Made for Cheriton Light Festival and JGM Gallery 2018

Each cube has a sealed secret message to a recently deceased love one, Miffy.